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Carolina Siequeroli, Clayton Dick



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São Paulo, São Paulo - Brazil





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Leonardo Teixeira



Clayton Dick and Carolina Siequeroli

Clayton Dick and Carolina Siequeroli


Redação Nota 1000 was founded in 2014 aiming to help students and schools to develop their writing skills. Based on an online platform that counts with hundreds of text professionals (such as teachers, revisors and so) and a structured analisys tool,

the company provides thousands of essays’ detailed evaluations per day, specially regarding to ENEM (braziliam biggest university admission exam). The company was the pioneer writing skills development platform in the country and is the largest one to date.

Since its inception Redação Nota 1000 helped more than 200 schools, 200.000 students and corrected and analysed more tham 1.000.000 essays creating the largest national private database of structured essays analysis.

With a team of 25 full time people the company is now researching and applying artificial intelligence and machine learnig algorithms to further enhance its product and better serve its proud clients who year on year renew and grow contracts.

Redacao_Nota1000_Clayton - Clayton Dick

Clayton Dick and Carolina Siequeroli are the founders of Redação Nota 1000. Graduated in engineering in POLI-USP and marketing MBA by FIA-SP, Clayton has 18 years of experience in the communications and education market. He has worked in several areas of the Abril Group, including planning, distribution, customer service, and the general direction of Abril Coleções – a business unit responsible for the production and selling of language courses, preparatory courses for big exams and digital inclusion courses. For the last 5 years he has worked exclusively in Redação Nota 1000.

Graduated in Mathematics in IME-USP, with a postgraduate degree in Administration in FGV-SP, Carolina has 14 years of experience in the technology market, working in both technical and managerial positions. She was a programmer, system and business analyst and development manager, and has already worked in startups such as Buscapé, and companies like Abril Group. She’s dedicated to Redação Nota 1000 since the beggining (2014).