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Voe Tranquilo


Roberto Lifschitz, Renato Haidamous



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São Paulo - Brazil


Iporanga Early Stage II



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Leonardo Teixeira


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Renato Haidamous e Roberto Lifschitz

Renato Haidamous e Roberto Lifschitz


Voe Tranquilo idea came from Roberto personal experience, a problem with a security company that provided services at his residence. Nothing worked for 6 months and when Roberto wanted to cancel, the company charged a fine for the rest of the contract. The ticket arrived, Roberto was ready to pay it, because going after his rights,
looking for a lawyer, wasting time, would certainly be much more expensive than the fine amount. But, for principles Roberto deciding not to pay and spend time to have the situation resolved fairly. To his surprise, the situation was solved much faster, without leaving the house and spending anything.
Through friends got the contact of a lawyer who took the case and would only be paid if the case was won. In addition, all contact with the lawyer was by email or WhatsApp and didn’t have to go to any audience. In a few months Roberto won the case, did to not pay the fine and also recovered the amounts spent on the service that did not work.
Amazed by this experience and then the idea of ​​Voe Tranquilo came up. It is the first step towards something much bigger. A platform that operates in all sectors of consumer relations, seeking to help consumers solve their problems and be repaired in cases of damage.
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Roberto Lifschitz started his career in investment banking (Brascan) as an intern, staying for 2 years and then got into entrepreneurship . In 2004 co-founded Dieta e Saúde and in 2006 Minha Vida. In 2009 became Endeavor entrepreneur. In 2015 co-founded Best Berry and in 2018 Voe Tranquilo. More than 15 years of professional experience in the development of marketing strategies and product management. Specialized in digital, social marketing, brand building, product development and launch, and team and process management. Passionate about technology, numbers, poker and animals. Roberto is very curious, likes to read, and goes after what doens’t know to understand how things work.
At the end of 2017, Renato Haidamous completed law degree at USP. During college, he interned in the public sector with Judge Tamara Hochgreb, where he drafted sentences and got to know the day-to-day life of the Judiciary. As a result, Renato got to do an internship in 3 different offices, first PVG in the business advisory team (M&A and capital markets), then at FCDG in the area of strategic litigation and corporate arbitration and finally at Baptista Luz Advogados, as a regulation and technology. In addition, Renato was director and teacher in the volunteer Arcadas Vestibulares project for three years and dedicated his time to free legal advice for the needy population, at the Legal Department XI de Agosto, for four years. Renato is algo a software developer.