We invest in people, not in assets.

Being investors and entrepreneurs in technology companies since 2011 has taught us a fair amount of things. We know that building a company presents extreme challenges and nerve-wracking situations for founders and we aim to be there offering all the support needed because at the end of the day, at the pre-seed/seed stages, we invest in people, not in assets.

Straight and honest conversation with founders

The relationship of a Venture Capital partner with a founder is a long one, it can last for a decade or more. Over the years we have learned that the best way to develop and manage this relationship is by being professional, ethical, intellectually honest, and respectful. As a consequence, we like to maintain open communication with the founders we invest.

Statistics are brutal in our business, and for every 100 founding teams we meet with, perhaps 1 to 5 will get financed by us, and those are sad constraints in our business model. Even though we may not end up investing in your company, we wish to be as helpful as reasonably possible to us, fostering good ideas and good entrepreneurs.

As Venture Capitalists in Brazil, we are in for the long run and we have a pragmatic approach. We love this country for its beauties and people and we want to be part of its development. As much as it presents several challenges as a nation, it also presents invaluable opportunities that great entrepreneurs will tackle and fix. And we also love technology for its role as an engine of progress in the world. We are at the intersection of both.